The Challenge

This would be our first attempt in developing a MicroJobs system. As we were new we had to understand exactly the user journey and how to optimize it to be easy and pleasant. As there is no project without challenges we embraced it and developed a fully functional system that pleased the customer.

The Solution

A fully functional system, where the user will need just a few clicks and some text to register and setup his first Microjob. Internal and External payment systems and a build in advertising system. Basically with a good Marketing this would be the tipe of website that will generate income with minimal administration.

Complete design and Branding

We love challenges

Lines of code


Day to completion

Amazing Result

Mobile Site Boosted Leads By 50%

Mobile Ready

Optimizing the website for mobile was one of our main targets, and the result was amazing.

Testing before lauching

We spent some time with a pilot group and make sure that everything is functional on all types of Mobile Devices.

Extensive Demographic Studies

Made sure that the customer will receive extensive reports regards to usage and how to improve the acquiring of leads.

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Project Idea

We start off every client by first understanding their business, their targeted leads, area of interest.

Research & Customization

After the form response, we dive deeply into researching each and everyone of the section and along with a lot of manual human work to try and identify the perfect solution.

Be amazed

After we took care of all your Webdesign and Digital Marketing needs, the only thing left for you is to be delighted with our solution.

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