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[Guide] How to create a GAMME Project

Radu Stoia, Co-Founder, Ireland

19 July 2016

Let’s start by talking a bit about what GAMME can do for you. You can migrate email, contacts, calendar, and Public Folder data from on-premise and hosted Microsoft® Exchange to Google Apps, whether you have just a few users or tens of thousands.

You can also migrate data from PST files and emails from IMAP servers (Novell® GroupWise®, Cyrus, Dovecot, Courier, SunMail, Zimbra and Gmail) using this tool.

Welcome to another Google Apps for Work How to post. This will be the first post about using the migration tools from Google.

As this would be the most important before you can use Google Apps Migration for Microsoft® Exchange (GAMME) 5.0, you must authorize it for your domain.

1. Create a project

  1. Go to the Google Developers console and sign in as a Google Apps super administrator.
  2. Create a new project by doing one of the following:
    • If you haven’t used the Developers Console before, click Select a project and select Create a project.
    • If this isn’t your first project, click Create project.

Enter a project name and click Create. If this is your first project, you must select your email preferences and agree to the Terms of Service.

2. Enable APIs

Important: You need to estimate and monitor API requests generated by your migration carefully. For details see Monitor API quotas.

  1. Enable the following APIs from the Google Apps APIs list:
    • Admin SDK
    • Calendar API
    • Contacts API
    • Gmail API
  2. To enable an API, click the API name in the list, then Enable. Return to the Google APIs page to enable the next API.
  3. Note: Once you enable an API, you can safely ignore the credentials warning that appears. You will create credentials later in the process.
  4. Go back to the list of APIs and, in the search box, enter Groups Migration API.
  5. Select Groups Migration API and click Enable.

Remember to check the Enable API access

  1. Sign into the Admin console and, on the Security page, click API reference.
  2. Check the Enable API access box.

Click Save changes.

3. Create Service account

  1. Click in the top left corner of the console.
  2. Click IAM & Admin and select Service accounts.
  3. Click Create service account.
  4. Enter a name (for example, GAMME) in the Service account name field.
  5. Check the Furnish a new private key box and ensure the key type is set to JSON.
  6. Check the Enable Google Apps Domain-wide Delegation box and enter a name in the Product name for the consent screen field.
  7. Click Create. You will see a confirmation message advising that the Service account JSON file has been downloaded to your computer. Make a note of the location and name of this file.
  8. Click Close.
  9. Click the View Client ID link in the Options column for the Service account you have just created.

Copy the Client ID value. You will need this later.

4. Authorize your client ID in the Admin console

  1. Select Advanced settings from the Security page. You may need to click Show more to see Advanced settings.
  2. In the Authentication section, click Manage API client access.
  3. Enter your Service account’s Client ID into the Client Name field.
  4. In the One or More API scopes box, copy and paste the following comma-separated list of scopes:
  12. Click Authorize.
  13. Make sure all of the scopes appear with an English description next to the client ID name you entered. If they don’t, enter the scope again correctly in the One or More API Scopes box and click Authorize.

When all of the scopes are entered correctly, go back to the Developers Console and click Done.

It’s important that the correct APIs have been enabled, that the JSON key file has been downloaded for use with GAMME, and that the project has been authorised to use the proper scopes in your Admin console.

Hope this post will help you in creating the GAMME Project, if you have any questions or you’re stuck, let us know and we will try to assist you. If you have anything to add  or just want to share your experience please leave a comment, we would love to hear from you.

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